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The 2 Pedals 4 the 2 Men Metal  

 I've got a reply from Hotel Vegas on E. 6th St. about playing there at their Blood Thunder Mustard Fest on Sun, 10/21.  I want to play a bit heavier and rawer set, a little more Metal-ish.  I really want to get a new delay pedal ($150) to play bass lines and loop them since we're still in need of a bassist.  That would make a significant difference.  I also desperately need a buffer pedal by MXR ($100) to work out the noise problem with the combination of my wireless and Fuzz Face pedal to avoid the storm…Read more Interview 

 Had an interview with an old friend of mine who writes for about the tsunami campaign. More than half the time we were catching up and cracking up. Good times.  She said the article's coming out in a few days.  That's fast.