From the recording Clear Plastic Case

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Recorded by Kevin Butler in Austin, TX, Dec, 2005-Jan, 2006. Mixed by Dean Dichoso.

Drums - Brannen Temple
Bass, Guitar, Vocals - Kazki


Oh, oh, baby, make me feel good
That’s all I ever ask
Oh, baby, why can’t you make me feel good?
I’m walking out at last

So many times you’ve left me wordless,
Saying, “You’re only concerned about yourself”
All I ever wanted was to be with you
But, you couldn’t think it was enough, could you?

Everything was a bad dream
So I’ve just been told by an April wind
If we could stop this silly game,
I’d surely feel good again
I’d surely feel good again

You couldn’t stop blaming me
On just who I was and on who you were, really
On and on you asked me what went wrong
But, would you believe me, baby,
We were just a man and a woman

All I ever did was to watch us through
Catch a fire at every move
This cold stone was ever left alone
That you forever desired to keep with your own